LXR Series 500*500mm & 500*1000mm Outdoor Led Wall Rental And Led Video Screens Hire For Stages And Events

LXR series have 500*500mm and 500*1000mm rental type die casting aluminum led panel for rental led video screens. The two sizes led panels can joint together to get more flexible hire led wall sizes. The hire led panel also support to make regular or irregular shape displays. The curve shape rental led wall is also available after added the screen curve lockers. The rental screen cabinet has guard flip design to protect led module corners and led lamps which makes your rental led video screen more durable and longer life time.

Product Details

Pixel Pitch: 2.97/3.91/4.81/P6.25

Panel Size: 500*500mm  & 500*1,000mm

Panel Material: Aluminum Die-casting

Weight: 7.5KGS & 14kgs

Brightness: 6,000nits-6,5000nits

Warranty: 3Years

Certificate: CE/(EMC+LVD)/FCC/ETL/CETL

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specs of outdoor rental led display

Litestar outdoor led wall rental has 500*500mm & 500*1,000mm led panels. The two panel sizes can combined together to make more flexible sizess of hire outdoor led wall and rental led video screens for stages and events. 

The rental led video screens is good for church led video walls hire,  concert led video wall hire, wedding led video wall hire, entertainment led video wall hire, stage led video wall hire etc. 

led screen rental 3

Litestar outdoor led wall rental has LED lamp Guard flips. They can protect the rental led video wall module corners and led lamps during transit and movement to pro-long the life time of the rental led video screen. 

Per the feedback from clients that one of the major damage of their rental led walls are the module corners and module masks and they are damaged because of bump during transit and packing. The guard flip design will be able to protect the rental led video screen in maximum. 

module protection led display

Two faster locks can lock the rental led panels together more tightly to ensure better flatness of the whole rental led wall , plus one more clasp lock for quicker installation of seamless rental led video screen. 

As usually for rental led walls that audiences are sit around the rental displays with different viewing angle. So if the rental led video screen is not flat which would be viewed clearly by audiences. So the flatness of the rental led video wall is very important.

led video wall rental

The 500*500mm & 500*1,000mm hire led panels can make regular shape rental led video wall or irregular shape rental led video display. 

If added the curve lock that the curve shape rental led wall is also available.  It can make concave and convex shape rental led video walls for stages and events

led video wall rental 2

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