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P10 Outdoor Rear Service Traffic LED Display Installed In Russia

Jan 04, 2019

Outdoor fixed LED display

Location: Russia

Model No.: P10mm

Size: 3.84*1.92m*10pcs=73.728㎡


Since the LED technology was brought in traffic road, the traffic LED display gradually plays an important role in guiding direction, broadcasting traffic information, ect. It is no doubt that this LED sign will be more and more widely using in many traffic places.


As the pictures we share in the following, this is our P10 outdoor fixed LED display which installed in traffic road of Russia. We used high quality DIP 346 LEDs in this project, which ensure LED screen with high brightness. Even in sunlight direct, the information can be showed clearly in the screen. The winter is very cold in Russia. Considering this factor, we also used ultra-low temperature power supply in this case, which make sure the outdoor LED traffic sign can work normally in severe cold weather.


Take into consideration of all the factors, certainly, the LED screen works perfectly finally. And our customer is also satisfied what we have done for them. No matter how severe environment you would like to place your LED sign, should you want to need some support, our team will have solution to help.  

Outdoor fixed LED sign

P10 outdoor  traffic LED sign