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P10 Outdoor Full Front Service LED Billboard Installed in Italy

Aug 15, 2020

Outdoor Full Front Service Fixed LED Display

Location: Italy

Model No.: P10

Size: 4.16mx1.6m

The SMD LED display have become the main current in LED display market now. Compared with DIP LED display, it has below advantages:

1. Wider viewing angle. The standard viewing angle of a DIP display is 120°(H)/60°(V), while an SMD display is 120°(H)/120°(V). 

2. More flexible on pixel pitch options. SMD can have more small pixel pitch options. The minimum pixel pitch DIP display can do is 10mm, while SMD is 1.2mm. 

3. More cost effective. It can save more manufacturing cost than DIP for factory, therefore we can provide better price for our client. 

4. Clearer picture quality.

Normally the SMD LED display brightness is around 5500-6000nit/m2. But Litestar had customized LED lamp, we can make high brightness reach around 8000nits/m2 with SMD technology.

In the following, it is the P10 SMD outdoor front service model, which installed in top of the building of Italy. There is no need any space at the back of screen. It supports full front maintenance. You can assemble and dismantle the module within several seconds, very convenient for installation and maintenance in the future, which can save time and labor costs. The clients are happy with our performance. Our good quality LED display also bring more advertising contracts for them.

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