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How To Change Led Lamp For Led Module

May 11, 2017

                     How to Change LED lamps for LED Display

1. Tools needed



2. Use screw driver unscrew all the screws from the module mask and take off the mask accordingly.


3. Use tweezer remove the glue around the bad led lamp until the whole led lamp pins are exposed(indoor led modules do not have glue) then use the electric blower blow on the damaged LED until it loose and then use the tweezer take it off.



4.  After LED lamp removed them use soldering iron add proper amount of tin on the pins on the PCB and use the soldering iron to remove additional tin and make the surface of the pins to be flat.


5. Then use tweezer put a new LED lamp on the PCB and make sure the pins of the LED match the pins on the PCB well,then use the electric blower to blow this new added LED lamp for a while until it fixed on the PCB tightly.

There is a hole on the side of each LED lamp show the direction, make sure the new changed led lamp have the same direction as the others (can’t mix up the direction of led lamp otherwise it won’t light on)


6. After the new LED lamp fixed then use the glass cement fill the hole around the led properly.(no need glass cement for        indoor led module) 


Remarks, you can use one cabinet connect the led module for check the damaged LED lamps and change them accordingly


Please refer the following youtube video for more details.