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Back Side Glued Led Module For Outdoor Advertising Digital Billboards From Japan Market

May 24, 2017

Japan is a Island country, so the air contains more salts and moisture. The led display electrical components have more chances to be corrossive than the ones installed in other inland countries. We glue whole back side of led module anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, moisture proof and salt resistance which can protect the LED billboards better under harsh condition.

Our front service LED billboards has no screws design and can change modules in 10 seconds which can really save installation time and labors and save the cost for clients ultimately. 

It is perfect for the LED billboards mounted on the wall as no need to leave maintenance path at the backside of the LED display which can save the steel structure material and space in maximum for clients.And out front maintenance DIP LED display has ultra high brightness(10,000cd/m2). So it is the best option for your outdoor advertising digital billboards

Following is the details of our backside glue front maintenance led module and LED panel.