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A Wonderful Trip Of Litestar Sales Team

Jun 16, 2018

The leaders of Litestar team organized a trip for its whole international sales team. Everyone was excited for this decision. And we were going to do some meaningful activities in Shenzhen Kowloon Eco-agriculture Park. Aug 25th, 2018 this day morning, the sales team set off from Litestar factory. After one hour, the team arrived at the destination. The arrangement of the activities was filling the whole day trip.

The first activity was rowing the bamboo raft. Before boarding on the raft, everyone needs to wore the life jacket in case accident. Each raft can board 10 people at the same time. The one who on the side of raft need to paddle to move. That is definitely a teamwork. For most of the team members, it was their first time to paddle a raft. However, they did well in the final, and successfully around the lake for several circles.

Litestar team.jpg

After rowing the raft, the second activity was shooting arrow. It was also a new experience for most of them, but team members got a lot fun from it.

Shooting the arrow.jpg

It was time for lunch after finishing these two activities. This time we cooked all the food by ourselves. From taking the foods, washing, making fire, cooking, the team members did all these things. Although there were many steps, all was going well. Everyone worked very well together. And enjoyed their lunch very much.

preparation for cooking.jpg

delicious food made by Litestar team.jpg

In the afternoon, there were still some other activities, like riding bike, playing Ping-Pong, creating pottery, ect.

Playing the table tennis.jpg

playing Pingpong.jpg

Time for fun was always fast. From this trip, it was not only getting the relax time, but also the team work spirit. Just like in work, we share more opinions together. For a LED display screen project, we will meet different questions. But with the help of team members, we will solve the problems and try best to provide high service for clients.