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A Relaxing Training With Nationstar LEDs

May 14, 2020

On 14th May 2020, two technical personnels of Nationstar came to our company and had a relax training with Litestar. Actually, this is not the first time for our company to have a training with Nationstar, but everytime our international sales team members can acquire more knowledge.


“NATIONSTAR is a National level key high-tech enterprise with professional capability in manufacturing LED components and LED application products.” Mr. Lin introduced their company firstly. According to their marketing position, their LEDs are divided into four series, respectively RS, FM, NH, and wholesale products. Then he reviewed their products briefly, as we have learned in the last training. Finally, the training was ended with question and answer session, for LED lamp, our sales staff asked many questions and got professional answers.


The current coronavirus situation is profoundly impacting all types of businesses. But even in this special period, Litestar will keep learning to be more professional, thus to service our customers better all the time. Litestar also believe if we all work together, we will successfully get through this challenging time.


If you have questions about LED screen, please contact us, we will always be here with you.