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16:9 Aspect Ratio P16mm High Quality, High Brightness & High Refresh Outdoor Fixed Led Screen In US.

Apr 18, 2016

Outdoor fixed led display

Location: USA

Model No.: P16mm

Size: 12.288x6.912m


Our 16:9 aspect ratio P16mm high quality, high brightness & high refresh outdoor video board was just installed in US. We used MBI5041 for the led video display to guarantee high refesh rate (≥9600hz) so even we use camera to shoot on the led video wall, there won't be any scaning lines. The MBI5041IC also enables the LED video screen get higher brightness and higher grey level than other normal driving IC. The LED chip of the LED video boards is Epistar LEDs which is the high-end LED chip for LED video wall. It has more stable quality than other Chinese brand LED chip. 

The LED video wall is made of aluminum cabinet as aluminum is lighter weight than steel material and it can do better performance on heating radiation as well. So it can protect the LED display better under hot weater condition. Our this outdoor LED video wall was installed without AC for cooling as well. 

Our this client used Daktronics led displays before. Now they LOVE our LED screens very much. There will be more cooperation with this client after the compeletion of this led screen project.