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Front Service Indoor P3.91 LED Display Installed In USA

Apr 28, 2017

Front serviceable Indoor LED display

Location: USA

Model No.:P3.91mm

Size: 2.5x1.5m


Our Front service Indoor P3.91 led video wall with magnetic suction led module was just installed in USA. The led display uses 500x500mm die casting aluminum led panels and Meanwell power suppliers. 

The led modules are fixed on led panels by magnets and not need any screws. So we can use magnetic tool to take off led modules from front which is much more convenient for possible maintenance. The front access LED screens will be more and more popular as it can really save time of changing LED modules for clients. 

"So awesome, I LOVE these magnetic LED displays. Before it took 20 minutes or more to change a module, now just in seconds" is the comments from our clients regarding our front service led displays. 


                     Front access / front service LED display (take off led modules from front)


           500x500mm die casting aluminum led panel support both indoor and outdoor p3.91/P4.81/P6.25


              If add the angle adjusting lock can make both convex LED display and concave led display