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Why it is better to use gold wire bond led lamp for outdoor displays

Feb 11, 2019

Why it is better to use gold wire bond led lamp for outdoor displays?


There are differences between outdoor display and indoor display. Therefore, the requirements are different. In a word, the outdoor environment is more complicated and hash, so the requirements are stricter.



At first, there is direct sunlight outdoor, so the LED display needs to be bright enough to have a good visible displaying images. The gold wire bonds conductivity is better than the copper wire bonds. Generally speaking, the gold wire bond would combined with bigger semiconductor cavity. Without considering other factors,  the gold one lamp itself is brighter than the copper one. And the gold wire bond led lamp use big led chip, big led chip can present high brightness as well.  



Secondly, temperature is higher outdoor than indoor. High temperature is not good for heating dissipation. Stents are the main parts of heat dissipation. The material of stents decide the ability of heat dissipation. The gold wire bond usually combined with copper stents, the copper stents are good at heat dissipation. So even at high temperature, the lamp can still work well. The copper wire bond often combined with iron stents, comparing with the copper one, they are not good enough for outdoor using.

Lastly,  but not least, high temperature would speed up the process of oxidization. The temperature in outdoor is higher than indoor, so the process of oxidization in outdoor would be faster than in indoor. The gold wire bonds physical property is more stable than the copper wire bonds. So even in outdoor, the gold wire bond can still work well. Instead, bad heat dissipation combined with high temperature would speed up the coppers process of oxidization and shorten the copper wire bonds service life.