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Why does LED screen flicker?

May 08, 2020

Good display effects and stable performance are of great significance for evaluating the quality of LED screens. In actual use process, LED display screens sometimes have problems of irregular flickering and full screen vertical lines. This not only affects the picture quality, but also the viewing mood. So, why does the LED display screen flicker?   

1. RCFG file is nor correct

2. The cable between the computer and the screen is too long or the cable is faulty

3. The sending card is broken

4. The control card is broken. Check whether the small light on the control card is on or not. If it is off, it will be broken

5. Whether the connection between the power supply and the control card is short-circuited

6. The screen can not dissipate well. The output voltage and current of the power supply are unstable. Do not bring too many PCB boards in the power supply with the control card

7. The frequency is not same between computer and control card


Corresponding solution for led display flicker:

If the whole screen is distorted and the image is twisted. The RCFG file is usually wrong. Check the RCFG file again. Another possibility is that the sending card is broken and you need to replace the sending card at this time.

Irregular flicker is generally a problem of system frequency. Changing the system or adjusting the setting parameters can basically be solved.

If it is a flickering state of stars, it may be a problem with the driver of the graphics card, or it may be a problem with the resolution of the sending card. Another possibility is the power supply problem (insufficient power supply, information clutter, electromagnetic interference).

If the text on the LED display flickers (irregular white edges around the text, flickering irregularly, and the text disappears after disappearing), this is a problem with the graphics card settings. In the display properties, cancel "Show shadows under the menu" and "Edge smooth Transition effects "to resolve such issues.

If the display control system supports 3D display, but the screen has not been upgraded with 3D programs, the entire LED screen will flicker. At this time, the control system needs to be set to 2D mode or the screen to upgrade the 3D program.

If the screen area of the single network port is flickering, the network port may have poor contact, or the input and output devices of the control card and receiving card may be faulty or damaged.