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Why are small pixel pitch LED screens increasingly popular in conference rooms?

May 29, 2020

In recent years, with the continous rise of market demand, it is not uncommon to find small pixel pitch LED screens in conference room.  What are the application advantages of small pixel pitch LED screens in conference rooms? Litestar will analyze the reasons for you.


1. Seamless splicing joint

Due to the tight splicing between modules, the entire screen can be installed seamlessly. When used in a remote video conference, the character's face will not be split. When displaying WORD, EXCEL, slide and other files, there will be no confusion between patchwork and table separators, resulting in misunderstanding of the content.


2. Consistency of color and brightness

Due to the modular combination and point-by-point proofing, after a long time of use, there will be no inconsistencies in color and brightness between LED modules, dark edges, localized color blocks become dark, etc., which can ensure whole screen to be highly consistent in color and brightness.


3. Adjustable range of brightness

The small pixel pitch LED screen can usually adjust its brightness in a larger range, which makes it possible to display normally whether it is in a bright environment or a dark environment. Coupled with technologies such as low brightness and high gray, high definition can also be achieved at low brightness.


4. Wide viewing angle

The small pixel pitch LED screen usually has a wide viewing angle of nearly 160°, which can meet the needs of long-distance viewing and side viewing of large meeting rooms and conference halls.


5. High contrast and high refresh rate

It can present pictures with higher definition and richer levels, and there will be no smear in the display of high-speed motion pictures.


6. Ultra-thin cabinet

Compared with traditional DLP, projection and other methods, it saves more space. In the same size, it is more convenient to ship than LCD.


7. Long lifespan

Usually small pixel pitch LED display has a long service life of over 100,000 hours, which can effectively lower maintenance costs and reduce the workload of maintenance personnel.


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