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What is the difference between led chip manufacturer and led lamp encapsulation manufacturer of LED displays

May 11, 2019

What is the difference between led chip manufacturer and led lamp encapsulation manufacturer of LED displays


Are you still bothered by the confusion between LED chips brands and LED lamp encapsulation brands of led display?

Now, let me explain to you the difference between them.

Actually, it is completely different concepts.

The LED chip is one of the main components of the LED lamp.

There are mainly several famous led chip brands like Nichia (from Japan), Cree(from USA), Epistar (from Taiwan) and San'an(from China mainland) on the market.

While led lamp encapsulation refers to those who buy the led chip and encapsulate them into led lamp. For example, Nationstar is one of the famous LED lamp brand in China. They buy San’an led chip to make the finished led lamp. There are some well-know encapsulation factories in China, like Nationstar, Kinglight, Re-fond, KN-light, Xindeco, MLS etc.