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What is flexible LED module?

Nov 14, 2019

The conventional module is made of a hard PCB board and a bottom shell mask, without any softness. In the case of arc or the curved part, the conventional module can not be used, or it needs to be made by special techniques such as chamfer, but the cost will increase a lot, and the process is not perfect. Flexible LED module has been developed in order to solve these problems, the module is soft, foldable and bendable.

Actually, the flexible LED screen has same display principle as the conventional LED screen. The difference is that the flexible module use soft PCB and soft bottom mask, so the softness of the module is particularly good, and the folding of 120 degrees can be realized.

Soft module

So where is the flexible LED module applied?

1. Curved screen

If it is a convex LED display and the curved angle is not very large, people can use conventional module to achieve it. However, if the inner arc is relatively large, or concave LED screen is needed, then the conventional display module can not be worked, and the LED flexible module is well functioned.

2. Cylindrical screen

There are many pillars in the lobby in some hotels, conference rooms, bars, etc. The designers will design these pillars with display screen and play some special videos to enhance the decoration grade or create a special atmosphere. It is very complicated to make cylindrical screen by using conventional module, but it is quite easy for the LED flexible module.

3. Waves, ribbons and other special shapes

In our daily life, people may design some special shapes LED screen to attract customers. Some strange shapes such as waves and ribbons can be finished by flexible LED module.

flexible LED screen

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