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What are the main differences of 16s, 8s and 4s in LED display screen?

Mar 23, 2018

For 16s, 8s and 4s, also wrote in 1/16 scan, 1/8 scan and 1/4 scan. And they are driving mode of the LED display. In current market, there are normally two driving modes, which are static scanning and dynamic scanning. The 16s, 8s and 4s we discuss, they belong to dynamic scanning.

Their main differences are as following:

First, because of the different scan, the brightness is different. The brightness in 1/4 scan is higher than in 1/8 scan. And the brightness in 1/8 scan is higher than in 1/16 scan.

Second, the price will be different. In the same model, the quantities of IC, the LED display with 1/8 scan is more than 1/16. The same, the LED screen with 1/4 scan is more than 1/8 scan. So in the same circumstance, the price for LED video wall with 1/8 scan is higher than LED video wall with 1/16 scan.

In practical application, such as P3.91, normally, it is with 1/16 scan. And the brightness is 1000 nits. Should you prefer a higher brightness, we can choose P3.91 LED screen with 1/8 scan, that will easily achieve a higher brightness.