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What are the advantages of outdoor SMD LED screen?

Dec 13, 2019

In the past, because the low brightness of SMD modules can be unable to adapt to the outdoor complex environment, SMD LED display board can only be used to indoor applications. But now, SMD panel got increasingly technological development in LED outdoor application market. SMD LED screen is becoming to apply to outdoor and sharing marketing with DIP LED lamps.


With the continuous improvement of LED chip brightness and LED encapsulation technology, the gap between the outdoor SMD LED screen and DIP display has gradually narrowed.


Outdoor SMD LED display has the following characteristics:


Wide viewing angle: outdoor SMD LED screen not only can have a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees in the horizontal direction, but also a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees in the vertical direction. This is particularly advantageous in some applications, such as building screens, suspension outdoor screens at high altitudes and so on, wider viewing angles can show better results.


High contrast: SMD is packaged in a designed structure, its built-in red, green blue 3 chips that could be as one pixel for the whole screen. However, DIP LED screen only have one color chip built-in, so it needs three different color lamps to put together to be as a pixel, so the luminous area of SMD LED screen is smaller and it has larger black area, which improve the contrast of LED display screen. 


Better consistency: outdoor SMD panel has better consistency while DIP LED lamps (green, red, blue) are hard to achieve consistency index. SMD LED screen can make sure display brightness consistency at any angle to achieve better color fidelity effect.


Light weight: most of outdoor SMD Led screen will use die-casting cabinet, the die-casting material cabinet is very light and it can be assembled conveniently and flatly. Suitable for rental companies, car screens, mobile media. Die-casting cabinet can also reduce the pressure on the steel structure of the LED screen for column installation and wall installation.


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