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The introduction of Led display drive IC

Jun 11, 2019

After over two decades of market development, LED display screen as a high-tech product can not only effectively convey useful information, but also bring unparalleled audio-visual enjoyment to the audience, exerting considerable influence on people's daily life. In other words, LED display has already become indispensable on modern life. Nowadays,LED display is to us what Drive Integrated Circuit (IC) is to LED display.

Driver Chip dedicated to LED screen refers to the chip specially designed for LED display according to LED luminescence characteristics. Its more mature IC technology that included the characteristics of large output current and constant current brings a qualitative leap on the performance of LED display. As a result, this alter make LED screen available to occasions of showing elaborate pictures or videos, which has directly broadened its application field to a more diversified direction.

Technology will lead the industry to achieve innovative high quality in the future

The driven IC is a key component, just like the central nervous system of the human brain, which is responsible for the movement of limbs and the operation of mind and consciousness. The performance of driving IC determines the performance of LED display, especially in the application of small pixel pitch LED display. In order to ensure the user's comfort of viewing it for a long time, low brightness and high ash has become a particularly important standard to test the performance of driving IC, which meanwhile made the requirements for driving IC  more stringent.


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LED display drive IC is more effectively used for micro-led ultra-small pixel pitch display panel space. And its high integration function can effectively reduce the number of components. In addition, in the performance of picture, low brightness and high stability has always been the key to dominate the viewing distance and display effect. The average constant current drive of a single color can be as low as 15uA, and the grayscale level can reach 16bit, which makes the contrast and uniformity of the display more exquisite, and also achieves the effect of energy saving and low power consumption.

In recent years, the IC technology driven in China has also made rapid progress. With the advance of IC technology of LED screen, the resolution of small-spacing LED display screen has been greatly improved, and the pixel center distance of indoor high-density LED display screen has been continuously broken through, and now it has entered the era of 0.X mm.

At the same time, with the increasing demand for terminal display, the display carrier can also be said to be a brand new. For instance, micro-led has become the focus of the display industry for its high brightness, high efficiency and low power consumption, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, as well as long service life. Nowadays, IC driven can realize the vision of driving micro-led and make the picture quality more exquisite.

Two new development trends: energy conservation and integration

Driving IC plays a crucial role in the development of LED display. As a green energy, energy conservation have to be the eternal pursuit of LED display industry, and also an indispensable standard to assess driving IC. In the process of research and development, we should reduce the driving IC operating voltage and operating current by optimizing the IC algorithm and designing, after effectively reducing the constant current inflection point voltage and bellowing the traditional 5V power supply to 3.8v.

LED display application technology and scene are constantly updated, which brings many challenges to drive IC.With its great existing breakthroughs, we are supposed to further improve this technology driving by a need of bringing a even more bright future for LED display industry.