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The Installation Way of LED Display

Aug 22, 2020

LED displays are currently used in marketing and advertising. Depending on the application and installation  environment, the installation way of the LED display is also different. there are couple ways of installation for LED display. Such as single pole type, double pole type, hanging type, wall embedded type, wall mounted type, building roof type, etc.

Installation way_Litestar LED

1. Single-pole and double-pole installation. For these two types, normally they are for outdoor large size LED billboard. Adopt single or double pole according to the screen size. Install the steel pole on the ground, and then mounted the display on the pole. In addition to the welding of the steel structure of the screen, the ground conditions and wind power also need to be considered

2. Wall mounted installation. The frame will be fixed on the wall. Meanwhile, the screen requires light weight, the total weight of the screen including the weight of the frame can't be heavier than the maximum load-bearing weight of the wall.

3. Wall embedded installation. It is mostly for indoor LED screen. It requires that the wall must be the solid concrete. As the LED screen will be embedded inside the wall, there will be no space in the back for maintenance. The LED cabinet should support full front service.

4. Hanging installation. The hanging type screen mostly used for indoor and semi-outdoor, it requires light weight hangable panel. When the screen was installed outdoor or even semi-outdoor, the wind power should be calculated for the safety consideration.

5. Building roof installation.  The installation site is usually the top of the building. With the increasing of the building height, the level of windproof, waterproof and lightning protection should be taken into considered.

Above are the most common ways for LED display installation. There are still another installation way, like, F gantry, N gantry and mobile application so on. Litestar has been devoted into LED industry more than 15 years, we have experienced technicians, talented R&D engineers. If you have any project need quote, welcome to contact us.