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The Features of Large Outdoor LED Billboard

Jul 25, 2020

With the rapid development of economy and society, outdoor LED display have been well-known. They are widely used in advertising, traffic and cultural transmission, etc. All kinds of outdoor LED displays filled every corner of city center around the world, and even become a highlight of them. As the wide application of outdoor LED display, more and more people are interested in it. The large outdoor LED billboard has following features:

LED billboard-Litestar LED

1. Long viewing distance.

Outdoor LED billboard is built of cabinets. Usually the pixel pitch range is from P8 to P16. Compared with small pixel pitch LED displays, they have lower costs. Big size outdoor LED billboard have longer viewing distance, such as 20meter, 50meter and so on. Watching the picture on the display from a long distance, the picture quality is clear.

2.Wide coverage and large audience. 

Outdoor LED billboard is generally installed in high position, with big size and wide viewing angle. Under normal circumstances, the video is still clearly visible from a 140 degrees angle in the horizontal direction, which makes the display content available in a wider scope and attract more audiences. This major feature is also one of the reasons why many business owners are willing to choose outdoor LED displays for advertising.

3. The brightness can be adjusted automatically. 

LED screens installed outdoors will be affected by environment. For example, the brightness is different between a sunny day and a rainy day. In order not to affect the viewing effect of the audience, the owner will require LED display have the automatic brightness adjustment function based on actual situations, that is, according to time or weather conditions, the brightness of the screen can be automatically adjusted to achieve the best display effect.

4. High IP protection grade. 

Outdoor environment is changeable and unpredictable. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s sunny. Therefore, the protection grade of the outdoor LED display should be IP65 or better. When installing, installer should pay attention to lightning protection, anti-static induction, etc.

960X960mm cabinet

All in all, large outdoor LED displays generally have the above features. Of course, the outdoor displays produced by different LED display manufacturers will also have other different functions, such as energy saving and power consumption reduction. But the above features are almost all large outdoor LED display have. With the advent of the 5G era, we believe that large outdoor LED screens will develop more functions and features to meet more needs of different customers.