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The development trend of small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen

Jul 18, 2020

With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the original outdoor LED display products can no longer meet the existing market demand. The market demand for smaller pixel pitch outdoor LED screen is increasing. Small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen came into being.

So what is small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen? it usually refers to outdoor LED display with pixel pitch below 5mm. Nowadays, the pixel pitch of conventional outdoor LED display appearing on the market is usually above 6mm. Under such spacing condition, the audience will only see a clearer display when viewing from a distance. The density of pixels in the small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen is very high, which can enable us to see a clear picture at close range, and improve the information dissemination effect of the LED screen and user experience.

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Although there are many advantages of small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen, the large-scale popularization still faces many difficulties.

For one thing, the pixel pitch of outdoor small pitch is smaller, that means the density is higher in same per unit square meter and the number of LED lamp used per unit square meter will be more, so the corresponding cost becomes higher. As a result, the cost of the entire display screen body has risen a lot, and its price has exceeded the tolerance range of many small and medium operators, which in turn affects the development of small pixel pitch outdoor LED display.

For another thing, the small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen is a new product, it also has high technical requirements for LED screen, especially strict requirements on the quality of lamps, packaging methods, waterproof and anti-dust performance. Many suppliers can not produce such high-demand small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen, and the development speed of  small pixel pitch outdoor LED screen is limited.

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