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The booming automotive industry promotes both quantity and quality of LED screen

Oct 08, 2019

Automotive industry is one of the most important part in our industry manufacture. The prosperous development of automotive industry will drive more automobile conferences and exhibitions. In order to appeal to customer, there will be the continuous research of automobile and new car models will also launch more car conferences.


Through new car conferences and exhibitions, the audience will have more understanding of the performance, control, technology and other aspects of the car. A show terminal is necessary in order to pass more information to audience. In the real-time performance of car, enterprise need to synchronously switch car performance to display terminal. However, most of display terminal can not meet people‚Äôs requirements because of the limit of size. LED screen can be spliced infinitely, so it is the most proper display terminal in automobile conferences. In car conferences and exhibitions, it has high demand on the performance area, larger performance area will be better to meet viewing requirement for viewers in each location, therefore, it needs more LED screen. With the development of automobile industry, more and more automobile conferences will promote the quantity of LED screen.


In order to display different aspects of car, the quality of LED screen is very important, especially in new model conference and high-end auto exhibition. In recent years, with the development of the small pixel pitch LED display, the  Mini/Micro LED technology has been matured, and the image quality of the LED display has been further improved. Because the image quality of LED display has been improved, it wins more weights to occupy the high-end auto exhibition and conference market.


Entering the high-end automobile exhibition and conference will bring new development opportunities to LED display enterprises. At the same time, LED display companies have some problems in entering these fields. Because of the close viewing distance and the long viewing time, the brightness of LED screen should not be too high, and it should have anti-glare and anti-stun design. The high-end automobile exhibition and conference will require a higher refresh rate for taking pictures. If the refresh rate is not up to standard, the water ripples will appear on the photographs, which will not be conducive to the promotion of the automobile brand. Therefore, the high-quality LED screen is of great significance to the further expansion of LED display in the high-end automobile exhibition and conference market.


LED display enterprises must seize the opportunity brought by automobile industry and promote the comprehensive performance of their products. When encountered problems, only by striving for better solutions can people continue to expand the broader market of the LED display industry.