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The applications of video processor in LED full color display

Aug 20, 2019

The LED video processor is a high-performance image processing and control device for full color LED displays. Simply, the mission of video processor is to transfer the image signals from the outside (such as Blu-ray DVD, computer, high-definition player box, etc.) into signals which can be accepted by the LED screen. At the same time, optimizing the video image can make the screen clearer and smoother. This passage will analyze three features of LED video processor as following:

Firstly, screen scale. The display mode of the LED display is point-to-point, which determines the LED display can only display a picture that is consistent with its physical resolution. The LED video processor can scale the image to any size and map the entire desktop to the LED screen.

Secondly, signal conversion and switching. Video processor is capable of performing format conversion between numerous signals. Another important function of the video processor is to manage various signals when there are multiple signals to access, and flexibly switch between the signals.

Thirdly, image quality improvement. The high-quality LED video processor can modify the signal with poor image quality and it can improve the picture quality by edge sharpening, motion compensation and other processing to enhance the details of the image.

 Video processor

The video processor is the iconic device for the birth, growth and maturity of the LED full color display. The specific LED video processing equipment has gradually matured in this process. The quality of the video processor will directly affect the display performance of the LED screen.

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