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The advantages of transparent display

Aug 28, 2019

With the continuous development of display technology, transparent screens become more increasingly popular. The transparent display makes the screen like glass, maintaining transparency while ensuring the richness and display details of the dynamic picture. Transparent displays provide users with an unprecedented visual effect and a new experience compared with traditional LED displays. 


There are several advantages of transparent display:

Firstly, about 75% perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of lighting perspective. From the far distance, the presence of LED lights is almost invisible, so that the lighting of the glass curtain wall is not affected.

Secondly, the traditional indoor advertising screens are cumbersome, so the installation requires a lot of transportation costs and installation labor costs. However, installation and maintenance of the LED transparent display are convenient and fast, which can save manpower and material resources.

Thirdly, the transparent display can save the building's lighting cost by saving a large part of the exterior wall lighting fixture. At the same time, it is more attractive and has advertising benefit.

Finally, the operation is simple and the control ability is strong because it can be connected with the network cable, the computer, the graphics card and the remote transceiver. The content of transparent display can also be changed at any time through remote cluster wireless control.


Transparent screen is a model of integrating LED display and environment. It is also a pioneer in exploring the future of LED display. Do you have a better understanding of transparent display now?

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