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The advantages of LED screen application in library

Jun 12, 2020

In recent years, the technical development and research of LED screen have been extremely popular, the technical level is becoming more advanced, and the LED screen is also used extensively. In cities, we can often see LED full-color screens in many places, such as large electronic advertisements in the center of the square, electronic signs on both sides of the street, LED screens installed in the gates or halls of hotels and so on. Nowadays, public libraries and university libraries have gradually installed LED displays, especially new buildings are generally equipped with full-color display screens. Many colleges and universities regard the library as the school's landmark building, and the demand for LED screen will be even higher. LED screen will play an important role in library when receiving foreign guests to visit, holding important conferences and even international conferences.


The LED display can replace the banner at the gate. Related service publicity activities and various ceremonies are usually hold in library. Compared to publicity banner, the content in LED screen can be adjusted quickly and easily at any time according to the content of the event, which not only saves the cost of materials and production costs, but also saves labor. When making promotional materials, you can attach background pictures related to the theme, and the text can be arranged at will. The style can be serious, warm, cheerful, etc.


LED screen can replace the daily publicity exhibition board. The large LED screen in the entrance hall plays an important role in daily business work. It can replace a variety of traditional publicity models and provide readers with information such as admission instructions, collection utilization guidelines, training information, latest notices and announcements. Different display forms can be designed according to different themes, such as notices and announcements should be simple and eye-catching, either red on black or yellow on red, intuition should be the first element. The instructions and guidelines for admission can be designed warmly beautiful, with background or icon, can also be played in the form of animation. Activity notifications can be designed to be more lively to inspire readers.