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Some effects of LEDs on the LED display

Dec 27, 2018

1. Viewing angle

The type of LEDs has great impact on the viewing angle of the LED display. At present, in litestar LED factory, many customers would like to use DIP LED display for their outdoor advertising project. The viewing angle of their DIP LED display is horizontal 120 degree and vertical 60 degree. And for indoor project, certainly, SMD display is the best choice. And the viewing angle of their SMD LED display is horizontal 140 degree and vertical 140 degree. That is definitely can meet most of customers’ requirements.


2. Brightness

The brightness of the LEDs is the most important factor to influence the brightness of the LED display. The higher brightness of the LEDs, the larger margin of the current, that means less power consumption. In this way, the LED screen will be more stable.


3. Failure rate

LED display is made up by thousands of LEDs with red, green, blue color. No matter which failure of LEDs color, it will influence the visual effect of the whole screen. There is an industrial standard, after aging test for 72 hours and before delivery, the failure rate should be less than 3‱. Certainly, the failure rate means it caused by the LED itself.


4. Anti - static ability

The static electricity will lead to the failure of the LEDs. In this way, the static ability of the LED is crucial.


5. LED Lifespan

In theory, the lifespan of the LED is 100,000 hours. But the actual lifespan is according to the quality of the LEDs. What is more, the LEDs is the most important part of the LED screen. The price of the LEDs accounts around 70% of LED display. That is to say, the quality of the LEDs decides to what the LED display is. Litestar factory knows high quality LED screen is the key to have a long business relationship with their customers. What they used in their manufacturing is high quality LEDs. That is the general strategy of Litestar.