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Prospects for rental led display

Sep 04, 2019

With the rapid development of the entertainment industry and the improvement of people's spiritual needs, the scale of the rental led screen market is huge. And all kinds of video conferences, large-scale opening ceremony, wedding ceremony, signing ceremony, opening ceremony, star performance, product recommendation, hotel leasing and other activities have all been the main markets for rental screens. The future development prospects are immeasurable.

rental led display

Compared with before, why is the rental led display so popular nowadays?

First, ultra-light and ultra-thin design. It is easy to carry and install. In the past, the led screen was bulky and inconvenient to move, however, with the technical improvements, the led screens are ultra-thin and easy to move. Many users choose to rental screen because of this design. At this point, it has increased the popularity of  rental screens in the market.

Second, compatibility. A new structural design can meet the requirements for lifting and stacking and can meet indoor and outdoor requirements.

Third, fast installation. The cabinets are connected by a quick locking structure. Usually, the installation of a cabinet can be completed within 10 seconds, and the installation accuracy is high.

Fourth, low cost. The cabinet is light so it requires low installation costs and the cabinet consumes less power, which can also save operating costs.


led screen

In the past, the cabinets were different in size. There are 500*800mm, 500*1000mm and so on. But now 500*500mm screen has become the mainstream of rental products.

Our company's 500*500mm rental display not only can meet these requirements above, but also has many other advantages. For example, there are lamp guard flips at four corners of cabinet to protect module corners and led lamps during transit.



Independent power box design can support to replace the power box within seconds.


Actually, there are some other advantages of 500x500mm series screen, If you want to know more details, do not hesitate to contact us now!