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Outdoor advertising LED display VS traditional advertising billboard

Jan 04, 2020

Nowadays, many brand companies have increasingly higher requirements for outdoor advertising. Older outdoor advertising models (such as single-post advertising, light box advertising, bridge advertising, three-sided advertising, etc.) can not meet needs anymore and has caused visual fatigue.


Compared to traditional print advertising and billboards, outdoor advertising LED display have plenty of benefits. Several studies proved that digital signage has the ability to attract more attention effectively compared to traditional signage methods. Small and big companies are shifting to digital LED signs in instead of traditional signage methods. Why is outdoor advertising LED display becoming more and more popular?

First, Traditional advertising forms can only be expressed in pictures and texts, and it lacks creativity. Outdoor advertising LED displays can integrate pictures, videos and texts to present a better audio-visual effect.

Second, for advertising LED display, operators and publishers can update the advertising content at any time. They only need to operate and control the computer, and the update process is not restricted by other external conditions. While traditional billboards are only able to display one ad at a time, which limits their number of marketing opportunities.

Third, with traditional billboards your ad would fade, peel, become dirty, or change color over time as it is exposed to the sun and other weather elements. The typical LED lamps can last 100,000 hours or more, which translates to 11 years or more, so apart from a complete power outage the chances of your ad suffering from any rundown appearance is slim to none.


Additionally, LED billboards can also be seen at greater distances than traditional billboards, which is especially true at night when most traditional billboards suffer from poor lighting.


When enjoying the benefits advertising LED display brings, it is always important to work with the best digital signage company who can provide you with all the needed support even after installation. 


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