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Module mask

Jan 10, 2020

For the LED display, the only materials people can directly see are LED lamps and masks. The mask of the LED display is designed to protect the LED from accidental damage. In some aspect, the quality of the mask will greatly influence the effect and durability of the LED display and it is vital for the display effect of the entire screen. So, how to choose and deal with the mask of the LED display?



1. Material selection: PC + 10% GF is used as the material of the mask; anti-UV agent and flame retardant are added, and the flame retardant grade is 94-V0. Strong anti-deformation performance, good flatness, not easy to fissure, and can effectively protect the influence of ultraviolet rays on materials.


2. Surface treatment: The surface should be sprayed with high temperature resistance and anti-UV matte black oil, which is non-reflective and has the same ink color. After the whole screen is assembled, the black screen ink color is uniform and there is no modularization.


3. Series protection design: including sun hat design, anti-reflective design on the front of the mask, and elimination of modular design, which can make the mask not accumulate water, dust, glare, and mosaic.