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LED display storage precautions

Sep 11, 2019

Most of the time, because of some factors, we can't install led display immediately after buying it. In this condition, we need to store the LED display well. As a kind of high-precision electronic product, LED display has high requirements on storage methods and environment. Now let us talk about how to store the LED display properly.

1. The place where put the cabinets should be cleaned and laid with pearl cotton.

2. It is prohibited to stack modules casually or stack a large number. When the modules are stacked, the module faces should be placed opposite to each other and be separated by using pearl cotton.

3. It is recommended to place the LED display cabinet with the led face up, and it cannot be put in the place with strong vibration.

4. When putting led display cabinet, it is important to let the backside on the ground first, and be careful not to knock it.

5. All staff members must wear an anti-static bracelet during installation or maintenance.

6. When carrying the cabinet, it shall be lifted and shall not be pushed or dragged away on the ground to avoid damage to the bottom module. The cabinet should be balanced during the lifting process and should not be swung or rotated in the air. When installing the cabinet or module, it is necessary to handle it gently.

7. If the LED display products need to be adjusted, people should use a soft rubber hammer to hit the metal part of the cabinet. It is forbidden to hit the module. Squeeze and collision between modules are strictly prohibited, which may affect the lifespan of LED display.