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LED car screen

Jun 27, 2020

LED car screen, with the features of real-time, flexibility, mobility and large capacity. It is widely used for showing texts, images, animation and videos. Comparing with the conventional LED screen which is fixed in one place, LED car screen has higher demand for stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration and dust-proof.

1. Anti-vibration. Vibration has a bad influence on the contact of the soldering part of the LED components, the connection of the signal cable, the flatness of the cabinet splicing and the waterproofing of the LED module. Therefore, good anti-vibration design is an important part of LED car display.


2. Low energy consumption. LED car screen uses generator to supply power, LED car screen with low energy consumption will reduce the load of the generator.


3. Heat dissipation. There is high demand for heat dissipation due to the over-high temperature of the car. Poor heat dissipation capability leads to lifespan degradation of electronic components. What’s more, we need to consider the electricity supply and airflow.


4. High brightness. Since LED display for fixed installation application is determined in advance, the brightness of the LED display can be determined according to the location. The position of the car LED screen is uncertain, and it is often used in a bright environment. Therefore, the LED car screen must have a higher brightness to have a better display effect.