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How to protect outdoor LED screen from water

Sep 26, 2019

As an electronic device, the LED screen must have waterproof performance. Waterproof design is an important part of the LED screen production process, especially for the outdoor LED screen.


Nowadays, it is not unusual to see LED screen outdoors, which show pictures or videos to attract customers. However, the challenge of outdoor display is waterproof and moisture-proof. How can we protect LED screen from such a damp and dank environment?


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In the rainy season, good sealing installation can prevent the display from the risk of water, help the display to better dissipate heat and reduce the adhesion of water vapor. At the same time, the humidity may lead to oxidation and corrosion of some components of LED display like PCB board, power supply and power wire, so it is necessary to make some protective measures for the LED display, such as PCB need to do conformal coating; power supply and power wire should use high-quality accessories; the frame is easy to rust, it is best to do anti-rust process.


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Actually, for indoor or outdoor screen, the most important thing to avoid moisture damage is to use it frequently. The working screen can generate some heat and evaporate some water vapor, which can greatly reduce the possibility of short circuit caused by humidity. Therefore, using LED screen frequently is necessary.