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The solutions to protect LED display from the low temperature environment

Dec 28, 2019

As we know , the temperature in some countries and regions is always under 0℃, even reaches under -30℃. When the LED display needs to work under low temperature environment , it is easy to cause failure in getting power supply worked. What can people do to protect the LED screen from low temperature environment?

Please kindly check below solution:

1.To choose low-temperature power supply:

Japan TDK Power Supply (the lowest temperature is -40℃,  regular is -30℃);

Taiwan Meanwell Power Supply (the lowest temperature is -20℃,  regular is -10℃);

Chuanglian Power Supply (the lowest temperature is -35℃, low temperature is -25℃, regular is -10℃);

Powerld Power Supply (regular is -40℃);

What’s more , when the low temperature value next to limiting temperature value of power supply (such as we use Chuanglian when it is -35℃, the bearing power of power supply will degrade by approximately 50%.

2.To install hot air curtain

To build a sealing channel behind screen and then install one hot air curtain , its’ working status will be realized by temperature control system. When environment temperature is lower than setting up , the air curtain will heat then screen temperature will raise , finally powering on screen , when its’ temperature reaches the temperature that sets up , the control system will cut down the AC which provides power supply for air curtain.

3.To do conformal coating processing to PCB

As outdoor LED screen will need to work in the complicated environment for a long time , thus , there is highly request to PCB , power supply , welding point and so on. It is necessary to take some measures to protect the LED screen from low temperature environment. Litestar will do conformal coating processing to PCB to anti-dust, anti-humidity and anti-corrosion, thereby improving and extending its lifespan.

4.To choose cabinet with resistance to low temperature

To manufacture by good quality steel plate and do hot dipped galvanizing craft processing; to do blast cleaning to surface of metal during the period of processing with rust-proof capability; to do the oxidation and zinc plate processing to prevent from oxidizing and corrosion; to do stove varnish and anti-acid spray processing to prevent corrosion of acid rain.