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How to maintain LED transparent LED screen in daily life?

Jan 08, 2019

Transparent LED screen

With high potential development in LED transparent panel, the operators may confuse about how to maintain this model. Here are some tips that may help a lot for upkeep.

1. Please keep stable of the power and well-protected grounding. Do not use it in severe weather, such as strong lightning.

2. Please prevent the water, iron powder and other metals into the screen body. These materials will cause screen short circuit.

What is more, transparent LED screen should be placed in an environment which is less dust. Heavy dust will affect the display image. And too much dust will cause damage to the circuit.

3. Please contact the serviceman at once when the screen is with water. The LED panel only can be used after it completely dry.

4. When there is dust on the screen surface, vacuum cleaner and air gun are available. Please do not use cleaning cloth directly.

5. It is very necessary to have regular inspections on the LED screen. The priority is checking the circuit. Replace the cable which do not work.

6. Single color, like blue, red, green do not allow to play on a full screen in a long time. This will cause excessive current. When the power cable is over heat, the LEDs will be damage. That will influence the life span of the transparent screen.

7. When there is a breakdown in the inner circuit, do not touch if you are not a professional. And call a professional to maintain.

In a word, it is very important to maintain the LED transparent screen in daily. And prevent the screen play full white in a long time. Also, according to the environment to adjust the brightness. It will help to save energy and get a long lifespan.