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How to increase the heat dissipation of the LED screen?

Dec 20, 2019

High temperature will increase the failure rate of the components in the LED display screens, and decrease the LED screen’s working stability. If the LED screen’s heat dissipation ability cannot be handled well, both the user and the LED screen companies will all suffer big lose. So how to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the led display?

1. The common way to help the heat is to add a long-life and efficient fan inside the lamp housing, the cost of this method will be lower, and the effect will be very good.

2. The use of aluminum fins is also a very common practice. We can use aluminum fins as part of the enclosure. The purpose of this is to increase the area of heat dissipation.


3. According to the aerodynamics of air, using the shape of the lamp housing to create convective air, this is the lowest cost method to enhance heat dissipation.


4. We can heat-dissipate the surface radiation and then radiate heat treatment on the surface of the lamp housing. The simpler method is to apply radiation heat-dissipating paint on the surface, which can be radiated away from the surface of the lamp housing.


5. Heat dissipation of the heat pipe, using the principle of the heat pipe to introduce heat from the led display chip to the heat sink fin of the outer casing.

Improving the heat dissipation of the LED display can not only improve the heat dissipation efficiency, but also achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and is more conducive to the growth of the life of the LED display. Therefore, it is necessary for people to take measurements of heat dissipation.