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How to Do Lightning Protection for Outdoor LED Screens?

Sep 19, 2020

Thunderstorm and harsh-weather are a big challenge for the LED display. The electronic components in the LED display are highly integrated, and their sensitivity to interference is also getting higher and higher. Lightning can harm the display in various ways. If the screen was hit, the part that the lightning current passes will result in power and heat damaged. Which event can cause a fire. Therefore, the lightning protection of the LED display is indispensable. There are several measures for lightning protection.


1. Lightning strike on the outdoor LED screen directly. Install lightning rods on the supporting structure of outdoor LED display.

2. The steel structure strikes back to the screen. Connect the steel structures and LED screen cabinet. We should make sure the equipotential and ground connection of the screen & SPD (Surge Protection Device). Grounding resistance should be less than 10 Ohm, if not, we need to make an additional artificial ground net.

3. Lightning current get into the screen from power cable. Adding single-phase or three-phase power surge protection device on power cable. Cross-sectional area of the three-phase supply wire at least 10 square millimeter and the cross-sectional area of connect ground wire should be no less than 16 square millimeter.

4. Lighting current get into the screen from signal cable. Install a signal SPD on the signal wire. This SPD installed according to the system signal interface. Such as, the cable should be assembled an networks signal SPD and the serial interface assemble an DB9 interface SPD. Besides, the cross-sectional area of connect ground wire should be more than 1.5 square millimeter.

The above is the measures about how to do lightning protection of outdoor LED displays. It's necessary to do regular inspection and maintenance to get away from the fire, especially in thunderstorm summer.