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How to disinfect the LED display during the coronavirus period?

Mar 28, 2020

During the critical period of the nation's fight against coronavirus, disinfection of public places has become an important task in the prevention and control of the epidemic. As one of today's mainstream display products, LED displays are widely used in major public places. Therefore, the disinfection of LED display screens has become a common concern of many customers.

Because the LED display is a relatively precise product, in terms of disinfection, there is also a unique disinfection method. If the disinfection product is not selected properly, it may cause irreversible damage to the LED display.

LED display

Here are some suggestions for the disinfection of LED displays:

1. It is recommended to use 75% medical alcohol for disinfecting and wiping the led flexible screen, then wipe with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible.

2. Do not use chlorine-containing disinfectant to wipe the surface of electronic parts such as LED lamp and plastics, which will cause corrosion to LED display. In addition to chlorine-containing disinfectant, other bromine-containing disinfectants and chlorine dioxide disinfection products also need to be used with caution.

3. When disinfectinfg workshops, warehouses or activity sites, people should pay attention to cut off the power supply, eliminate nake flames, prevent static electricity and keep ventilation.

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