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How to Cool Your LED Display in the Hot Summer?

Aug 08, 2020

In the hot summer, most area the temperature has been over 40°. Those outdoor display without cooling system might approach 70°. This will put your LED display at high risk of life span and stable running.  

LED display-Litestar

As we know, electronic product has a common feature, for example cellphone. When its running temperature increased, you can feel hot obviously, power consumption speeds up, it may arise stuck problems, even crashed down. No exception for LED display, when temperature rise, the failure rate rise, it will do a big damage to life span and stability of LED display. 

Most people mainly use such method for cooling, like, adding exhaust fans, air condition, etc. But it will also increase the power consumption in some degree. Therefore, why not to cool down temperature from the source of LED display?

Based on energy conservation law, if all energy of LED display can not fully used for lighting, then the rest will use for heat dissipation, then it will increase screen body temperature. Now with the developing of technology, actually to ensure normal running on LED display, it will be enough to use 4V/4.5 switch power supply. If use 5V, the rest energy will turn into heat for dissipation. 

At current stage, Litestar is considering to use 4.5V/4V switch power supply to support our LED display, it not only saves power consumption, but also reduce screen body temperature. Scientific data shows, the temperature will reduce about 10% when use 4.5V compare to 5V; Reduce about 20% when use 4V compare to 5V. Assuming screen body temperature 70°, if use 4V switch power supply, temperature will reduce to about 56°.

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