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How to choose white led lamps or black led lamps for your led displays

Apr 11, 2019

How to choose white led lamps or black led lamps for your led displays


Excepting white led lamps, in recent years, black led lamps are also increasingly appearing on the led displays market. This passage will explain how to choose two of these.


For brightness difference, the white led lamps are brighter than black led lamps, white led lamps brightness can usually reach around 6,000nits for outdoor application and around 1,500nits for indoor. While the brightness of black led screen usually is around 3,000nits for outdoor and 800nits for indoor.

For outdoor application that brightness is very critical. If based on the same specifications that higher brightness means better picture quality. Does this mean that the outdoor white led lamp led display picture quality is better than the black ed one? In fact it is not simply like this. There is another critical factor which is the contrast will affect the picture quality dramatically. The black led lamp has higher contrast than the white one. We had done the comparison tests for the two types of the displays. Following is the picture for your references. So when the sun face the led displays directly that the lower brightness of black led lamp screen looks even better and more vivid due to its higher contrast. So if seek for the best picture quality then choose the black led lamp would be better. 


But currently for the outdoor applications that the white led lamp screens are still the main stream, the main reasons would be the proper price. Usually the outdoor black led lamp screen price is 50% higher than the white one if based on the same specs. And the white led lamp display has higher brightness and it can meet most of the outdoor application requirement. So if not seek for extreme good picture quality then the white led lamp display would be a good option due to its better prices.

If for indoor applications that the black led lamp led display would be always the best options as indoor applications do not requirement very high brightness and usually the viewing distance of indoor led displays is short. The picture quality between the black led lamp screens and the white lamp one will be more obviously. Further more the indoor black led lamp price is not high.


So we can choose the proper white led lamp or black one for our led display per our project requirements and budget.