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How to choose a suitable LED screen for the statium

Apr 03, 2020

LED screen has become a necessary facility for modern large-scale stadiums. A large number of LED displays are used in major sports events. The LED screen plays a very positive role to advocate sports events, which gives the audience a new viewing experience. But how to choose a suitable LED screen for the stadium?


Protection performance

For indoor or outdoor stadiums, heat dissipation has always been a link in the sports screen, especially in outdoor screens with variable climate. High flame retardant grade and protection grade are necessary. Generally speaking, the IP65 protection grade and the wire V0 flame retardant grade are ideal choices, and the self-contained cooling fan is better.


Suitable brightness

Outdoor LED displays require higher brightness than indoor displays, but not the higher, the greater. For LED screens, brightness, contrast and energy saving effects should be considered comprehensively, then to choose an energy-efficient LED display.


Installation method

The mounting position determines the installation mode of the LED display. When installing the screen in stadiums, it is necessary to consider whether the screens need to be floored, wall-mounted or inlaid, whether they support front and rear maintenance, and the difficulty of installation and maintenance.


Viewing distance

For an outdoor LED display in stadium, it is often necessary to consider the long-distance viewing of people, and generally, choose the display screen with a larger distance. P6 and P8 are the two common distances of the outdoor LED display in stadium. The indoor audience has a higher viewing distance density and a closer viewing distance. P4 and P5 are more suitable for indoor displays.

Viewing angle

For the audience of the stadium, due to the different positions, the viewing angle is more dispersed even for the same screen. The LED screen with wide viewing angle can ensure that each viewer has a good viewing experience.


Refresh rate

The high refresh rate LED screen can ensure the smooth continuity of the live broadcast of large-scale sports events, and the human eye is more comfortable and natural.