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How should we do when LED screen remains black?

Apr 24, 2020

When debugging the large screen on the site, many people have encountered the problem that LED screen remains black and they do not know where to check. Troubleshooting has become a big problem. Today Litestar will analyze it for everyone.


For LED display, there is a control computer to provide the video source to the video processor and then to the sending card, and different network ports of sending card are connected to the LED display through network cables. The whole screen is usually composed of multiple cabinets, and cabinet includes the receiving card, HUB board, cable, LED module etc. Any problem in one of the links may lead to a black screen.


Concerning black screen problem, we can roughly divide it into two categories, one is that the entire screen is black, and the other is that parts of screen are black. Next, we will analyze how to solve the problem for different situations.


Entire screen goes black


Led display


First we sort out the possible causes of whole black screen, during troubleshooting process, people can refer to the solutions in the following table to deal with the problem of entire black screen according to real phenomenon.


Whole black screen


Knowing the possible reasons and corresponding solutions, how can we troubleshoot the black screen problem? Here is a troubleshooting idea for your reference. We can preliminarily determine the problem based on the status of the receiving card indicator and the above table.




Parts of screen are black


Led screen


For parts of the screen are black, during the troubleshooting process, people can refer to the method in the table below according to the actual phenomenon.


Parts of black screen display 


Then, people can combine the causes and solutions in the table to apply to the daily work.




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