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Four ways to make LED screen more clear

Oct 24, 2019

With the rapid development of LED display technology, people in various industries have higher and higher demand for LED display. High-definition picture or video can bring people a better visual experience, and it can satisfy people's pursuit of image compared with traditional display. Here I would like to share several ways to make LED screen more clear.


1. Improve the contrast

The contrast is the one of the key factors that can make the LED screen clear or not. Generally speaking, higher contrast, higher definition, better colorful. High contrast is very helpful for high definition, gray level and detailed performance.

2. Increase the gray level

Gray level refers to brightness levels from the black to white. So it means if you have more bits, you will get more colors. Increasing gray level can greatly enhance color depth. It can make the LED screen looks more real. 

3. Choose the smaller pixel pitch

Choosing the smaller pixel pitch LED screen is of great significance to make LED screen clear when you have enough budget. Because smaller pixel pitch means more resolution of the LED screen, more details of the videos or pictures can be played on the smaller pixel pitch LED screen.

4. Use the video processor

The quality of the video processor will directly affect the display performance of the LED screen. The high-quality LED video processor can modify the signal with poor image quality and it can improve the picture quality by edge sharpening, motion compensation and other processing to enhance the details of the image. The video processor has a lot of adjustment options and adjustment effects to process brightness, contrast, and grayscale to make sure clear pictures or videos of the LED display.