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Four misunderstandings for purchasing LED display

Nov 29, 2019

1. Please do not only consider the price when purchasing LED display.

Price may be an important reason for purchasing LED display. Although everyone knows that you get what you pay for, they will still unconsciously inclined to prefer low-priced one when selecting LED display manufacturers. A huge price difference can cause customers to ignore quality. However, in the process of using, it may be remembered that a price difference is actually a quality difference.

2. The same model screen do not equal the same product.

Many customers may have such question: with the same model LED display, why your price is much more expensive than others? In fact, the so-called products of the same model are actually different. Take the P4 LED display as an example, generally speaking, P4 refers to the pixel pitch is 4mm, but there is a 4.81mm on the market, which is the P4.81 LED display. For lay customers, some sales use deceptive trick, claiming that P4.81 is a P4 full color display. In this way, the price gap will be more obvious, but many customers do not know and still think that they can buy good products at low prices.

3. The technical parameter value is not the higher, the better.

General the customer will select several manufacturers to evaluate, then decide the supplier. The two important items in the evaluation are the price and technical parameters. In the case of similar prices, the technical parameters become the key. Many customers think that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the LED display. That's true? Take indoor P4 full-color display as example, on the display brightness value, some manufacturers will write 2000cd/square meter, while other manufacturers will write 1200CD/square meter. Is 2000 better than 1200? The answer is not certain, because the indoor LED screen do not require high brightness, generally between 800-1500. If brightness is too high, it will irritate the eye. In terms of lifespan, much high brightness will easy to overdraft the life of the LED display. Therefore, it is a positive solution to use the brightness reasonably, not the higher the better. The same model, there are also some parameters, such as LED lamp brand, encapsulation, scanning, grayscale, etc., the parameters will be cause different prices.

4. Display production and detection is not the shorter, the better.

Many customers want to get the goods in a short time after they put the order. It can be understood, but the LED display is a customized product that requires at least 48 hours of testing after production. The manufacturers will add another 24 hours to the national standard testing time without interruption test. There are usually two problems in the short delivery time. First, there is not enough testing, so the failure rate will be relatively high in the later using. Second, some manufacturers who do not have enough stock in the same batch, they will use products that are not in the same batch. In this case, the LED display will have obvious color difference, which greatly affects the display performance of the LED screen.