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Four basic steps of correctly installing outdoor LED advertising billboard

Mar 13, 2020

Outdoor LED billboards have a lot of advantages, such as good stability, low consumption, wide range of radiation and so on, suitable for information transmission and advertising. When building this kind of high-quality LED advertisement billboard outdoors, what factors should be paid attention to? Generally speaking, the installation of outdoor advertising billboard has four steps: site investigation, equipment construction, installation and debugging and use.



1. Site investigation

Before installation of the outdoor LED advertising billboard, people should survey specific environment, land features, radiation range and brightness receptivity so that they can choose the best position and angle to install the LED display.


2. Equipment construction

For some outdoor LED billboards, it is necessary to distinguish between wall-mounted advertising screen, hanging LED advertising screen and roof advertising screen. During the actual installation, according to the distance and height, the crane and winch shall be used for lifting in sections, and the personnel above shall cooperate with each other to ensure a better installation and use process. 


3. Luminous radiation range debugging

Next, people need to carry out specific radiation range detection. Because of the different radiation range, the perspective of LED display construction is also different. We need to install the outdoor LED advertising display according to the field acceptance ability and the normal perspective range of everyone, so as to ensure that people can see the normal, brightness balanced image and subtitle information from each angle clearly.


4. The follow-up inspection and maintenance

The follow-up inspection includes many aspects, such as water-proof function, heat dissipation, power supply line, etc. It is necessary to do regular inspection of LED screen, if there is any problem like rust, instability or damage, people should maintain in time to ensure the normal use of the whole display screen.