Indoor P2.5mm Portable Digital Led Poster Video Screen Display With Wheels For Rental And Fixed Installation

Full color LED displays are one of the most dynamic choices on the market. High definition led poster screen with front acrylic protection cover for indoor application. The LED poster screen is mainly used in shopping malls, shops stores, meeting rooms, airports, gas stations, restaurants and discos. the led poster screens are used in all industries. The led poster screen is the perfect cover for everything needed to spread high-definition technology and mobile visual content elements.

Product Details

Pixel Pitch: 2.5

Screen Size: 640X1,920mm

Unit Size (include base and wheels): 651.5X2008mm

Cabinet Material: Iron 

Weight: 40KGS

Brightness: 1,000nits

Warranty: 3Years

Certificate: CE/(EMC+LVD)/FCC/ETL/CETL

Applications:  Shopping malls led poster screen, meeting room poster led display, airport digital led poster screen, Gas stations led poster display, restaurants digital poster screen etc

led poster specs

The LED poster screen size is 640x1,920mm in portrait shape. The LED poster video display can provide high definition pictures and videos for advertisements for clothes stores, shopping malls, airports etc. 

display-p25mm-pantalla-led-full-color-sistema-nova-t1 (4)

The pixel pitch of the led poster screen is P2.5mm with 320x160mm module. 

The led poster screen has front acrylic transparent cover for protection. It can avoid damage to the led lamps of the The LED poster video display

Power supplies, sending card, receiving card are integrated in one cabinet for the led poster screen for easier services

poster led display

The portable LED poster screen has base with wheels. It enables to move the LED poster video display to different locations for advertisements or rental services

led poster display video wall

The LED poster screen has multi-control ways.  The  LED poster video display supports wireless WIFI,  or CAT6 cable or USB control ways. The flexible control ways make your digital led poster eaiser for updating advertisements and programs. 

led poster screen

The LED poster screens are used more and more widely in clothes stores, shopping malls, airport etc. The  LED poster video display is the perfect choice for new media advertisments. 

led digital poster

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